Whose the superstar who can work out if this shy girl likes me?

Reasons for...
-mentions she's single
-takes an active interest in my hobbies
-invites me out (I declined as was busy and thought she'd be going with friends but turns out she didn't go because it was going to be just her and me)
-quizzes where I ended up after disappearing from a party she was at
-Will reply in an instance
-To date has messaged me and when I've stopped replying, sequentially used different social media/ IM to keep talking
-Her friends disappear when we're together as if to give us alone time
-Her cousin saw me walking around uni the other day and pointed and giggled with her friends
-Sits with me in class
-Mentions dating not in context of topic

Now against...
-She's very unemotional in her texts even though she texts me all day 24/7
-Changes the topic if subjects become touchy
-I bumped into her walking past with her friends (as I did mine); I smiled at her but she just looked down at her phone
-When I'd turned her down when she invited me out, I'd asked her out for the night after and she never replied as we had IM'd at the same time. Conversation then just continued as is so I assume it's on as she's meeting me that night.

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  • Dude. Ask her out. If you like her that is. From what I've read she is definitely into you! She is probably wondering right now if you feel the same way about her.
    In what way did she talk about dating? And how did you respond?


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  • She likes you man. I've had a girl that's acted the same way. Shows so many signs of being interested and just when I'm close to 100% sure she likes me, I walk past her and she turns away for some reason or seems distant when I talk to her, and then suddenly I'm at 50/50 again, not knowing where I stand.

    We tend to pay more attention to the negative signs, then we do the positive ones. Fact is your list for 'reasons for' is longer than your 'reasons not', so that's good, lol