Is this guy staring at me or what?

Repost because my last question only got one answer.

I see him at gym all the time and when I look over at him I think he is looking at me but I can't tell. He is a tad younger than me. It's usually when he's at the front leading stretches, doing strength or when he is not focusing on set gymnastics skills or trying to do a routine. Has anyone got a plan to tell if he is looking or not. I don't know, maybe it's just because I'm a lower level then most of the other girls. Would boys look constantly for that reason though? Seriously it's killing me, how do you tell?
I also noticed today is he tended to not look away when I looked at him it was kind of weird. I didn't know what to do so I looked away.
Also I'm really really chummy with a more than a few of his fellow team mates and I found that when ever I was talking to them like I asked what are you doing when one of my friends was being stupid and he said he is just being (insert name). And then he walked passed and said ugh it's cold tonight as if he was talking to himself just like saying that as a general statement, I think? He said like two other mini statements too but I can't remember. And when I was talking to my friends he would look then too. I don't know if he is just being friendly or what? I'm so confused what is this? Thanks! (:


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  • Yes I see him looking at you.

    • What does this even mean though. I'm confused.

    • Your question was droll and too long so I stopped at the tittle... How are people on the interwebs going to know if some bloke is looking at you? If you don't spark a conversation with whoever it is looking at you you'll never know why or if they're looking at you. If you're attracted to them then talk to them its as simple as breathing.

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