How Do I Get The Guy I Like To....

Were going on a date, we are interested in each other. That's for sure. We have talked about kissing and cuddling together before. Were going on a date but I decided we just go to the beach and hangout. He has a tattoo. I wanna kiss him. I'm thinking of asking him if I can see his tattoo. Lifts up his shirt... I take it off.. do the dirty...hahahahah just kidding. But yea, look at his tattoo, trace it with my fingers to get him kinda tingly, then grab his hand, turn him around and look at him. And say, "Kiss me" with a cute smile. hahahaha what do you think? Seriously.


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  • Mrs. Seductive is speaking ;)

    Sounds like a good "plan", though plans usually fall apart, haha. What if he already has his shirt off? *g* just kidding

    Have a great time on the beach and if the girl wants the kiss, well, she usually gets it anyways :P

    • Haha thank you, well I thought it would be cute cause he speaks a different language, so I was thinking I should ask him how to say different words then say, "How do you say..... Kiss me?" hahaha And then ill say it and it will all go good from there?

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  • thats straight out of a romance novel! :D ~CLAPS~ BRAVO! that was great you should totally do it.