Social Static - Do I stand a chance?

Ok she's upper middle class has a good education and is on her way to a good carrier. As for me I'm the type of guy that's from the wrong side of the tracks (aka the shady part of town) I did graduate from high school (cant afford collage) and I do work but the jobs aren't that great. So What I'm asking is what are my chances with a girl that...Makes more then me and has a higher education.

and would you date someone from the lower class?


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  • Well, I can tell you are not educated. You have misspelled some words and you have poor grammar. That being said, I have a masters degree and my boyfriend is a high school graduate who runs his own landscaping business (currently he is finishing up a journeyman trade school for something else). He misspells words too.

    From my experience, just because you don't have as much education, doesn't mean you aren't as smart (just not as educated). It also doesn't mean you will make more or less money. It is all about what you want, and how much effort you put into it. My boyfriend owns three houses that he rents out. I live in a an apartment.

    If she doesn't like you because you make less than her, then it isn't worth it. You will always feel like crap.

    By the way, you only live once. You might as well give it a shot.


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  • I would say I go for it! I

    I hold a masters degree and have been on many dates with people that have no college education and/or a GED!

    What really counts is that you are happy with yourself, therefore you can make her feel happy to be with you! As long as you don't care, if she is a women that truly likes you for you she won't care.

    That being said, you do need goals and some idea as to what you would like to do later down the road! That is the main thing that has turned me off with some of the guys that I have dated, they had no passion! They had no idea what they wanted to do! I know a lot of people don't know that answer. However, if you are in search for that she will respect you for that!

    Good Luck get out there and do it! You only have one life!


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  • Dating shouldn't be about a "class" structure.

    Though it does sometimes plays out that way, which is unfortunate.

    Happiness believe it or not is not about possessions or financial status, and some people have a hard time letting go of those ideals even they admit that statement.

    I can't really answer you question because you have not stated if the two of you know each other, or are friendly with one another, or what the situation is. You've only stated the supposed social "classes" the two of you reside in.

    Based on that alone, I have to say you stand as good a chance as any other guy. If you have more details pertaining to the relationship, then we can answer specifically for you.

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