What is his intention?

He started stalking me on Twitter 4 years ago. We lived in diff countries. He never directly said anything. The stalking has been aggressive, obvious and very flirty since the past four years and is still ongoing. I abused him multiple times and told him I am not interested publicly. He refuses to back out and repeats similar behavior every four days and it is STILL GOING ON today !!!

He mirrors my opinion on boys, movies, films.. u name it. He copies all the boys I have dated. He still makes it obvious he is stalking. He comes online regularly when I come online. He has NEVER confessed this OBSESSION to me.

My question is: he also shows he is jealous (gets an article out on dating some chick with similar things I write about my beau) when I date someone and tries to get my attention all the time. I am really tired of it: either he has a crush n does not want to take it forward or he is a psycho.

He is a celebrity by the way ! He has hinted about me indirectly two times in major dailies anonymously. Recently, he cut his wrist due to depression. I HAVE NO CLUE WHATS UP.

I came down to the country where he lives and no reaction, but he told the newspaper he wants to date two days later.


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