I just have no idea what to do anymore?

My best friend, whom also became my girlfriend, has said she needs time to get herself together. We have 5 years of history & she knows I love her & her little girl deeply. She has a lot of problems, being "hard to handle", anxiety, and other stuff. I toughed it out, and I have always been there for her to support her/ encourage. I don't yell at her or whatever even, when she angers me. But the moment, something happens, I do something silly she doesn't like... She will yell, and cuss me out :/ Ever since she told me, that she felt overwhelmed or out of place due to Prozac I believe, in order to get her in some type of balance. I just feel like giving up, I wanted to marry her & she knew it all. But she seems to just not care anymore.

It hurts me to just suffer, I'm a good guy, and get the treated badly... If I treated her, how she does me. She'd have left a long time ago.

Good point, its just everything went so well, until she had to go to the doctor, they gave her Prozac. Then after that, it all changed.


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  • "If I treated her, how she does me. She'd have left a long time ago. "

    And maybe you should have left long ago too. With friends like her, who needs enemies?

    When a woman says "needs time to get herself together", that's girl talk for "I am not interested in you and don't want to be around you anymore".

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