I felt like no guys would want me when I date them. I felt like a loser or unwanted?

I felt so lonely, when I was 13years old 😢 and until still now I am 27years old i don't have any good friends to go out with and I never had boyfriend in life 😔. I started dating when I was 23 years old and I am so worried and fear myself that I can't get a good relationship to find a good guy until future. I had admire with my date but he wants to be friends but didn't treat me like a friend he ignore my text & call, i was really upset his trying to date other girls cus I made a fake dating acc. Today I just date a guy and went to his house I knew we gonna Hv sex but the sex is not good it less like 5mins. He told me he can't get any click with me so he chase me out from his apartment he told before that I shld leave his hse like 10.30 but instead 10pm :( I went there to his place travel like 1hr and he chase me out? wtf!
I can't take it anymore I want a boyfriend and good one that love me for who I am. 😢I amso scared that never get married at all or have children😭😣


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  • Something happened to you when you were young, a spiritual disconnect. Something separated you from your humanity, and from understanding that you have innate value, and incalculable worth as a human being.

    It could be something as serious as sexual abuse, or something as "small" as your father yelling at your mother when you were at a critical developmental time in your life. It also could be something like a lack of affirmation by the relevant parent.

    The same thing happened to me, so I understand what you feel.

    Unfortunately there's not much that can be done to fix it on your own effort (or anyone else's). My best advice is to to seek God, your Creator for help. God has Personally shown me the areas of my heart that are dark or immature, that need healing and strengthening. Nothing can be lost by calling out to Jesus for help.

    After 35 years of abusing myself, I am just now beginning to have empathy for other people in a real, human sense. That sounds scary, but I was a scary guy. The healing takes a lot of time. I pray you find the healing that will touch you and show you how valuable you are.


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  • I had that same fear of being alone all the time... Especially when I moved to Toronto on my own, leaving all my close friends and my currently ex-gf of 3 years...

    The moment I broke up and knowing no one was their to comfort me, it simply turned my life over my head and I began to fall apart.

    However, after about 2 years, I didn't care for anything and just worked to keep my mind off of things until I met a girl out of the blue and she helped me turn my life back on its feet although it took a bit of time for me to show my vulnerable side. When I finally opened up, she helped cope with my own insecurities.

    What I'm trying to say is that no matter how long you wait. Usually someone comes your way when you least expect it.

    It can happen in 2 ways,

    # 1 the person could help you cope with your insecurities and make you feel special again

    #2 the person could take advantage of your insecurities to get what he/she wants and use you.

    However, you won't know which type that person is without taking that risk.

    Also from what I learned of being alone from then on, and esspecially finding that person to be with.

    Even if it's a 99.9% chance that it would most likely fail. Without taking that chance when it arises, means it will always be 0%.

  • it seems to me sometimes that some how people notice it when you afraid of ending alone and you feel like a loser or unwanted... somehow you need to get such thought out of your mind


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  • you say you have dated, but have never had a boyfriend, i'm confused?

    • I Hv date guys but not in a relationship yet. So that what meant I don't Hv a boyfriend at all.

    • so you haven't officially had a guy that you label or call your "boyfriend" yet?

    • Yes. But now i am going change and focus on my career first. I don't want bf for nw gives me a headache.