Is this guy interested in me? please answer!?

Is this guy interested in me or what? he didn't see me for a week?
There is this guy I'm apparently seeing, don't know whether to call him my bf or not, I'm thinking of just taking things slow with him, even thou that may mean different things to different people. He says all these sweet, romantic sayings to me that make my heart flutter and I get soo happy. He didn't come see me for a week, then started feeling disappointmented and bothered , but two nights ago, I was walking on the street with somebody, seen him ride on his bike across the street, then came to talk to us, we said we were getting more booze, then he said k im going to the beer store too and said he meet us at the creek. I don't know if he wanted too just do it to party, hang out with me or the other person. I didn't end up meeting him and drinking with some other people. Then I messaged him yesterday," i miss you, if you still wanna be with me, come get me @ my mom's, if not, i know we are not together"

Then he messaged me in the evening time, " im at the shelter house got a bed hear uhhhmmmmm miss you too I should just stay in you're bed that my opinion that was the best sleep I had in a while"

He has mentioned me before that he would like to move to Kenora with me, combine our odsp and get a place together, that he wants me to get my kids back. I don't want to come across as needy, clingy, etc, but would like to spend some time with him, even have him spend one night with me at my mom's apartment. Should I wait for him to come hang out with me? or should I ask him to come spend with me? Does it mean he's not interested if he come see in 1 week? well he said he would probably bike up to see online to drink with me once in the week, but didn't end up coming. I don't know what to think or do with this guy. What is your guy's opinions?


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  • maybe he does like u but maybe just a little shy.

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