Ladies, What is your ideal guy?

Height, Skin tone, Weight, Swagger, intelligence, dick size? , anything you can think of that is your ideal guy. Lol this is going to be funny :)


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  • I like boys who are about 5'8+ because I'm 5'6. I don't really have a type but if I had to choose it would be white with brown hair and blue eyes. I like people who are about the same level of intelligence as I am. Also something I really don't like is football (soccer, for any americans). I don't mind if boys occasionally play it and sometimes watch a match but when they know everything and they constantly watch it, its a massive turn off. I prefer Rugby personally and artistic things. If a boy has an artistic skill, I'm done for :) Swagger really is not my thing, I couldn't date someone with swagger because I have none. I'm just one of those people who really doesn't care if I look like a freak and people with swagger aren't like that so nope! Also I like guys who look clean but not try hards, if that makes sense. (By the way, I do know people like this. Not just making them up :P) One more thing, is confident but not cocky. I think confidence makes a persons personality and usually the confident people are more funny :)

    • wow thats a long list...

    • Yes but you see, I don't want a boyfriend so I can sit and make up this perfect person in my head :) I only know one guy like this but at least, I didn't just make someone up

    • yea i guess thats good that its a real person lol

  • Tall thin sporty cute white no swag smart kind dark hair if tall Blonde hair if small to normal hieght sweet dedicated funny not ditsy not fake no being a jerk infront of friends. This is more like a dream guy than ideal

    • lol ok cool

    • yea idkwhy but I really really like tall guys. Im really short so I guess opposites attract? aha

    • yea they do lol

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