Am I getting the blow off or should I chill out?

Okay. So I met a guy. He asked me out. First date was awesome. Went back to his place to continue to talk (nothing happened). Kissed me goodnight. The chemistry and conversations was amazing. He called me the next day, said he had a great time. Wanted to see me again. We texted over the weekend, he wanted to get together, I couldn't. We made tentative plans for that Tuesday. I didn't hear from him, and I didn't contact him until that night. he said he was sorry he couldn't get together. I let it go. That Friday I get a text from him in the middle of the night asking why I didn't have any free days to see him besides one day (I work thursday-sunday, and go to school monday-wednesday, I have almost no time for anything). I said I do. He asked again, that morning could i spend the day with him. I said I already had plans maybe tomorrow night. He said okay. Tomorrow night came and he texted me to say he was sorry, he had a long day at work, came home to take a quick nap before seeing me and just woke up. it was 10pm. Too late for me. Two days later, I decided maybe he wasn't lying and called to see if he wanted to meet for drinks. He said absolutely. We had a great time, again. Went back to his place. This time he had some wine for me. I met his brother and his girlfriend. Next day we texted back and forth and then we didn't talk for almost two weeks. Neither of us. I was busy, he was busy. Two weeks go by I asked him if he wanted to get together, he said, probably he'd get back to me the next day. He didn't. I sent him some silly text about how he must have died. He said haha sorry. I don't think I can make it tonight. I said ok and asked him Hey, if you're not feeling it, let me know as I don't want to keep texting you (he had told me I had a very busy schedule and when I wanted to see him to let him know and he would make time for me and gave me his schedule. ). He responded with, no, I'm have to """ tonight thats all, I'm very busy this week.


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  • One of the biggest turnoffs for me is when someone says there "too busy." Is a bad sign. If someone is even remotely interested they would make time to see u.. no matter what. We as adults are always consumed with various things and may not have time to constantly hang out with someone. But 2 weeks!! And no communication... u and he can have proper convos on the phone or texts.

    By the way your describing your time with him... sounds like it's a relationship of convinience more than anything else


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