Is it possible to get someone interested in you?

Me and this girl were sitting on a two seat sofa and we were talking science and she was explaining something to me with her right hand lying flat down on the cushion on the right side of her and my hand was laying down on the cushion to the left of me. Our her hands were like millimetres apart and she didn't move her hand. I only noticed because, even though our hands weren't touching, I could feel they were close together. So i wonder if she could feel them close to. I mean I did. So surely she could feel it, too.

So today I saw her and we were doing work on her laptop about student loans and whether they are a good thing or not. Anyway as she was typing I started to smile and laugh because I realised how smart she was. She then looked at me and said whaaaaatttt with a laughy smiley face, as if she thought I was teasing her. Other than that we had a couple of other laughs about the work and how it was worded and sometimes didn't make sense. I know when I left hers my heart was beating hard and fast.

Anyway, dont know what to think.


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  • Its possible to get someone interested in you with the right body language.