How to "make the move" on a guy?

Long story short... guy made "the move" on me twice, but I didn't really respond because I had a lot of things to sort out in my brain. We hang out all the time, and we are very touchy and flirty. How can I initiate something without being too awkward about it all?
(I'm not all that afraid of rejection, I just don't want to be klutzy and weird about the entire thing)


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  • doesn't sound like he's gonna reject you at all, maybe be even more intimate? Hug him tighter, hold his arm etc basically do what your currently doing but step it up a notch?


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  • Honestly, if he still likes you then just tell him you're ready for more, or be more forward about it, just let him know in some way, either physically or verbally, I doubt he'll refuse your advances.


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