Should I ask her out? Is it too soon?

There is a girl in my English class I would like to ask out. We only talk before and in class. Would it be too forward to ask her out for lunch? We have break at the same time. Or should I beat around the bush, get her number first, then ask her out at a later time? Girls which would you prefer? Guys what would you do? Or any opinions welcome!

  • too soon. get the digits first
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  • naw, its cool. go for it.
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  • It depends. I don't know, the kinda things you talk about, how long you talk for, how long you've been in the same class and stuff.
    Personally, I've had guys do both of the things you said, or just the old "let's study together" and none were wrong.
    You could even just go for break with her and take it from there.
    None of your suggestions are bad ones, so I think you should just do whither you feel most comfortable with yourself, because of course the more comfortable you are the better you'll come across.

    • Thanks! So you think it depends on the situation? If I think it seems like a good time to ask her out, it likely is?

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    • Just to make sure she isn't only being friendly, it might be good to take break with her or start texting, then you can drop very subtle hints and see what cues she gives as to how she might feel.
      Even if you see her in the canteen just go and sit with her and start talking more.

      Asking for her number at this point will probably show her you might like her more. Asking to go on break could mean you're interested or could just be friendly. Inviting out for lunch would probably show her you definitely like her. So it's down to you how you want to approach it.

    • OK. Thanks for your thoughtful advice!

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  • If you text/call her first you can see if she likes you, but if you are too forward you can ruin things between you two.

    • Do you think asking if she wants to get lunch on our break, or after class would be too forward? The other day I thought she might have been hinting that we should, but I was a doofus and missed the opening.

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