I like a guy but should I tell him exactly how I feel about him?

So there's a guy I really like that is gay, (So its not like I have a crush on a straight guy deal) and I have asked him out twice, the first time he was dating someone and I didn't know it so its my fault there, the second time he told me he wasn't gonna date for a bit but the next day he started dating someone. Its really getting on my nerves because I like him soo much but I don't know if when I tell him he's going to shove me away again. Im the kind of person who stays with the person they're dating no matter what, no cheating, no flirting with anyone else, not even so much as a look.

If you were to look at him and me next to each other you'd think you were looking at both sides of a broken mirror, he's the complete opposite of me in personality but exactly like me in body build and everything else. So I guess what im asking is that I like this guy and should I tell him how I feel? I would really like to be with him, to the point where I feel giddy just thinking about it, I would promise him up front that no matter what I won't leave him, I don't feel embarrassed around him or anything. Should I tell him or no?

  • Tell him exactly how you feel.
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  • Don't tell him and just move on.
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  • Tell him but act cool about it.
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  • Or Playfully grab him by the arm and tell him how you feel, and tell him you won't let go unless he gives you a chance.
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I hope this goes well, they just broke up today and he doesn't seem too hurt about it. Wish me well, one hour left until I get to see him!!
Welp im starting to get a little annoyed, I was too nervous to say anything but I did get his number. Texted him but haven't heard anything back.


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  • Noooo... this guy is not right for you at all! He's going to break your heart, dude. The signs thus far, haven't been good. Just move on.

    • But he always smiles at me, and he didn't cause his past breakups. I know the signs haven't been good. And the only complaint I've heard about him from his ex's is that he's clingy, and I really like that. there's got to be something I can do...

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    • Well he keeps giving me that look when he thinks I'm not paying attention. Granted I do the same to him. And every time I catch him he just smiles.

    • Hmmm, well you can read the situation a lot better than me!

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  • Try sending him signals from far. if he siad he wasn't ready to date and then started the next day he isn't intrested. Tho you could try and make him want you by ignoring him just as much as he is to you,

    • Feel like im gonna have to not be me. Like im gonna have to be assertive and drag him over to where I can talk to him and tell him straight up that he WILL give me a chance. Im not going to leave him if we start dating that's for sure. The way I see it the break up should fall to him.

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    • i dont think you should change yourself for him. try getting him alone and find things in common

    • Well we both like anime I know that for a fact but like I said our personalities are opposite each other.

  • I think you should cool it on telling him you like him... Make him come running to you, act cool and not too needy because if he knows he has you wrapped around his finger he won't want you, don't tell him for now becuase that didn't work last time

    • He knows I like him but he doesn't know to what extent. And from what I've heard he's more the clingy type.

  • I know this may be late, but tell him how you feel. Don't be hurt if what he tells you isn't what you wanted to hear.

    • I hope it all works out!! :)

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    • I can't say anything I'm sorry. Just wait some more, ugh that's such a sucky situation I'm sorry.

    • Its ok, its something at least. Better than him telling me no straight up. Idc if he has 3 other boyfriends on the side of me. We will all be in the same boat until he makes a decision, and im not going to leave him willingly.

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  • Brooo go for it! Tell him how you feel 100%. You seem like a cool dude, and I can't tell if you have the traits of a desirable male to another male (I'm not gay), but just like with any friendship to lover relationship you have to just come right out and say it. I've done it plenty of times with friends and some times I get "friendzoned" and our friendship stays the same, if not gets stronger. I suggest you say something soon before your secret feelings get so strong that, if you get rejected, you'll feel so crushed that you want to end the friendship all together.

    It takes courage, but you have to go for it. Good luck dude.

    • Thanks, ill try. He knows I like him but im more afraid of what he thinks of me. And I hope my spelling isn't off, it glitched so I can't see what im typing. lol

  • Just tell him how you feel. He's already sort of rejected you twice, so he'll probably do it again. But learning to deal with rejection is healthy. Plus you'll flatter him. So I'm really all for it.

    I personally love if someone comes onto me straight up. Or just takes the initiative for a date. What I can't stand is when people beat around the bush. Which I do myself a lot.

    • It just hurts when your sitting there and he knows he can pick you up at any moment but just ignores you constantly about the subject.

    • Yup. You should probably chase someone different.

    • No, no matter what. Even if he wants me to promise on my life that I won't leave him.

  • I like both men and women and would just tell him..

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