Does this mean he doesn't like me?

I let him know that I'm interested in him.
He said we could do dinner or something, but when I asked him if he saw himself dating me, he said he doesn't see himself with a girl right now. (aka doesn't want a relationship)
Does it mean he's not interested in me?


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  • Are there any extenuating circumstances for his not wanting a relationship i. e; did he just get out of one?

    If there aren't then I would guess he's looking more for a friends with benefits than a GF. Did you ask him to dinner or did he ask you? If he asked you I'd guess FWB, if you asked him than it is possible that he is not interested and is trying to let you down easy and not get your expectations up.


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  • When someone says "i don't want to date anyone right now," means exactly that. I wouldn't spend anytime thinking if it's just you or whatever.

    I can tell you this. It's good that you let him know that you are interested, however it is his job to pursue you.

    When a girl presses like you did, guys lose interest very quickly or they switch to "wow, she wants me, i'll give her some pipe." Both of which i imagine if you like a guy is not the result you want.

  • i agree with That-Guy.
    Besides, you made your move... now pull back. look elsewhere.
    if he's interested, he'll be back.
    don't expose yourself further... it won't help!


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