Guys: would you rather date a girl who would have sex whenever you wanted, or a girl who won't have sex but has a much better personality?

As title says, would you rather date a girl with an OK personality but would have sex whenever you were in the mood (not in a slutty way, just enthusiastic and agreeable when it comes to sex) or a girl with a great personality but refuses to have sex for some reason. Please explain too

  • Girl with OK personality and will have sex whenever you want
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  • Girl with great personality but refuses to have sex
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  • im a girl
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The girl would want to wait for 3 years with you before having sex


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  • No sexual intercourse or no sexuality of any kind?

    • 3 years with you before she will have. Intercourse

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    • No. Just a lot of. flirtn. and a very close relationship but no sexual behavior

    • Hve to go with A. Just not remotely compatible with B. I could wait three years I guess but I don't believe we would be compatible after the three anyway.

      I could see myself more likely with someone who wanted to get married first. But if out drives are in synch they wouldn't consider waiting that long to marry me. They'd be desperate to get married soon.

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  • I voted B. But there should be a limit on how long she refuses to have sex. If she wants to wait till marriage or something like that, its fine with me. But if she wants to refrain from sex forever, then there's no way I would date her.

  • I can't imagine any guy waiting 3 years.

  • 3 Years is too long for me. I don't have to have sex every day though. Once a week is fine honestly, but 3 years? Nah. Can't make it.

  • First question is why would you want to wait three years? That is what I would be asking if it were me. My opinion is, You are not a sex slave. While I think it is important to please your partner as they should be pleasing you. I think that you do not and should not always say yes just because they want it.

  • I wouldn't care as I have many female friends and a girlfriend that I have sex with daily so it would be ok.

  • How can you argue against A? Just like damn whenever and wherever you want it, then BOOM. I can forgive some character flaws for that.


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