A clever way to find out if a girl likes you and also being subtle and not letting out too much?

I want to know a clever way to find out if a girl likes me and if she has feelings for me at a relationship level and if she wants to date, I want to do it in a subtle so I don't destroy the friendship and in a way wear it be casual so it won't sound like a big deal?


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  • Stare at her and tell her she looks pretty today it's just a compliment so it won't ruin the friendship but you will know based off her reaction

    • okay so I am new to this whole dating thing, what type of positive response should I get from her, and what would be a negative response

    • I was thinking since we are pretty good friends and asking her "I want you to be 100% and I will be too, I feel that our relationship can be more then just friends, do you feel the same way, and if you dont its fine I still want to be good friends" is this a good way of telling her and while looking into her eyes, what sort of stuff should I look for back

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  • You like this girl as more than a friend? Then either ask her out or end the friendship. So many guys become friends with girls they one day hope to date, and worry about ruining the friendship if they let her know they like her. There is no friendship, because you're only pretending to be her friend while having the intention of being more with her, it's not the way to start a relationship.

    You're going go have to start some flirty behaviour and see how she responds, if she's weirded out, she doesn't like you that way. If she reciprocates she might like you. This will be harder to do if you've been friends for a while.

    • ok so I have already flited with her quite a bit, whenever we play baseketball and I am actually her older brothers friend she joins us and I tickle her and she tickles back, we talk daily too and she is the first one to text and can't go a day without texting, I have recently even got her a birthday gift and wroth a birthday card saying "Happy Birthday to the most prettiest and nicest girl and attached some hearts and XOXOXO" and when I gave her, the present she went red. She has shown signs she likes me and sometimes we have these real talk momeents and I have asked her, her outlook on relationships and she is 3 years younger I am 20 she is 17 and she said I find dating in grade school stupid because its not like you are going to stay with the person you met when you are 14 and then she asked the same back to me, so idn if she is ready for it, or is she too shy, or if she even likes me

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    • Don't do it by text. Texting is too distant and it shows more confidence if you can say it in person. I know it can be hard, but I guarantee she'll like it better if you wait to say an important thing like that in person. It could be the start of your relationship man, make it special. When you guys are talking and things are going good and you feel comfortable just casually mention it. You can say what ever you want. Me personally, I never ask girls if they like me, or tell them i think they like me. I just give them signs that I like them and see how they respond. If it was me I'd just say something like " hey, I think we're really good friends, and maybe we're too good together to just be friends haha, do you think maybe our friendship could grow into more?" That's what I'd say man. But just say what ever you think is best.

    • thanks for your help

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