Why do men who are attracted to me treat me lower than crap?

im a very beautiful woman.. yes im attractive.. im also super nice and down to earth and people tell me all the time im really nice. I don't dress up or wear make up... just laid back. most men get around me and are huffing and puffing and turned on.. yet not only do no men ask me out, or talk to me, most men are exceptionally mean to me.. abusive rude crazy... psychopathic as if they want to hurt me type deal. it's insane and I can't take it anymore.. men who open their eyes wide staring at me like OMG will treat me lower than dirt.. once my sisters friend kept staring at me as if 'i'd leave my gf for u' and he and his gf even got into a fight but he NEVER talked to me once... was rude/weird. now my boss is being a jerk to me.. making me suffer jump through hoops for things he's giving other employees and treating me like crap... he also keeps giving me weird looks as if I did something bad to him... it's weird. but he got relaly excited days ago over something but now he's being a psycho all of a sudden to a point where I want to quit--it seems he's trying to break me down to get me to quit...

im always single--people always say.. no way, you're too pretty to be single, you're lying.. you can get any guy you want, the guy that gets with u is lucky... yet even men who get with me sexually will treat me like dirt and reject me.. one guy even said I was the prettiest girl in my race he'd ever seen and so did a lady years ago.. this guy ended up yelling at me and abusing me rather than getting with me.. most of these men are TURNED ON by abusing me.. no joke.. ALL men are turned on not by touching or being with me.. nope but by ABUSING ME.. they turn beet red.. it's sick and crazy... I've learned this from 15 years of this crap.. most men would rather reject and abuse me and they seem to get a hard on from that.. the rest are just mean to me... some are mean THEN ask me out and I of course say no.. like wtf? some are mean AFF

out of 20 years.. no man has ever askedme out.. im always single, im a virgin, I can barely get oral sex.. people are always telling me how hot I am.. i don't get why men want to torture a hot girl and not get with her or just control and abuse her


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  • Honestly, it's because of YOU. You let these men treat you like crap. Therefore, stop allowing them to walk all over you. Don't interact with these kinds of people anymore; surround yourself by men who aren't jerks. Trust me, they are not hard to find, you just overlook them because of what you're use to. Moreover, if a guy disrespect you, hurt you, or makes you uncomfortable in any way, you need to cut him off immediately. You run from these type becauss they are NO GOOD!

    & like I mention to another memeber: "there's a huge difference between nice & a doormat. Being nice means to be considerate, respectful (of yourself & others), & helping others "selectively" when it doesn’t hurt or inconvenience you badly. However, people-pleasers allow people to walk over them. They try too hard to please; putting everyone before their own well-being or needs. Plus, this type of person has no backbone; lacking the proper amount of self-respect to be self-assertive. Basically what I'm saying is: you can be kind & friendly without giving yourself away to everyone who wants something". Right now, you're playing the role of a doormat (people-pleaser) You need to stop that immediately.


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  • Sounds like you have ink.

    Your story does not add up.

  • I would have to see pictures and get to know you more, but "theITgurrrl88" has some very good points otherwise.


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