I don't know what guys want in a woman?

I'm tired of being single, it's weird that guys just don't like me in that way or they just won't tell me. Me and my ex split up 3 months ago, but we still talk if we see each other.
I have the bubbly personality, the smile, my body isn't isn't perfect but I have a good bum. I'm only 5"2, dark hair and green eyes. I've been told I'm such a lovely person but why aren't guys interested? My male friend came on to me but he doesn't want a relationship so I don't want what he wants.
My other male friend is just amazing, he's been there for me through a lot! I stay at his and stuff. He also doesn't want a relationship but we just enjoy each other's company. He told his best mate that he thinks I'm a really nice girl and he enjoys my company. I didn't think that he'd talk about me to his mates though :/ I don't know if he's just saying he doesn't want a relationship or just doesn't want one with me. But we do things a couple would do but not much in public.
I do like him a lot but I can't tell him that, because before I got with my ex and he got with his, we were friends with benefits and I fell for him so when I found out he was seeing someone it hurt me a lot! But we're past that now. But when I mention anything to do with a relationship, he asks me if I have feelings for him again. And I know if he knew then he wouldn't want to spend much time with me after :/


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  • Too young to be worrying about this. but to answer your question... all men are different, just like all women are different. There are categories and groups but when it comes down to it... they are still different. So there is no straight answer to that question unless I want to be absolutely shallow.. then the answer is:
    --Good face
    --Good body
    other than that.. be yourself, and there will be some guy that will see something in you and approach you. Just be patient.

  • Hard to tell still , you will have to show some signs of adulthood in your nature way of talking and answering and then most important in body and looks.

    • Body and looks are the most important?

    • Depends on stages in a relationship , first meeting : physical fitness and nice behaviours , during dating - look like million dollar babe and value him more then other , committed relationship million dollar babe and faithful mate on which he can relay. after marriage responsible lady to hold his back

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