Why is he so in love with himself? Why does he think he's above me?

Just because I'm shy and say silly things at times? He use to say hi and smiles and is friendly. We make small talk even though I feel very shy. There is this guy that works at my gym and even though I'm pretty shy I am friendly with him. We live in the same apartment complex and occasionally bump into each other in the lift.
At the gym however it is a little bit different. It gets awkward!
He seems to look at me when I'm not looking and gets a bit fidgety. Sometimes we accidentally make eye contact from across the room and then look away.
Last week i bumped into him as he got into the lift in our complex. There was only one stop so convo was short but friendly. He smiled and asked me how i was and it was very pleasant.
Yesterday I dropped a sheet off the balcony and it landed in his backyard. When i got home me and my male flatmate looked over the balcony and saw his friend.. So my flatmate called out to him and asked if we could come down and collect it. He was quite friendly and easy going.
Anyways i went down with my male flatmate and as soon as we knocked on the door the gym neighbour opened the door, mid-convo with his friend. Inside sitting in the loungeroom was his girlfriend and another couple. He barely acknowledged my flatmate and just handed him the sheet and went to shut the door on him. So my flatmate was trying to be friendly with him and i was standing right next to him. My neighbour was so rude! He could not have been more hostile! It was like he just wanted us to go away and just wasn't interested in being friendly at all. My flatmate asked, "So do u know what time it might have fallen down?"
And my neighbour replied, "No idea buddy!" like really condescending.
Whilst standing at the door my neighbour would only look at my flatmate - he refused to acknowledge me let alone say hello! He gave me a half-smile right at the end b4 he closed the door.
Today I overheard them fighting and he was yelling at her because she eats too much

  • He is a tool and doesn't want to be ur friend
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  • too long, did not read

  • I should get a medal for reading all of that. You are sweatin a guy that is a jerk?


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