I broke up with my gf and now I'm unsure?

I had been seeing this one girl for like 4 months or so. Things were great, but I felt like she wanted something serious and I wasn't 100 % into that. About 4 weeks ago, I mentioned to her that I needed time to think over our relationship. She agreed to it and said she wanted me to be happy. Three days later, I texted her and told her that I regretted the decision.. I wasn't sure of how I felt and felt confused.

The thing is, she is a great girl and she's too good for me. She deserves to be happy with someone who wants the same thing.

Anyway, we agreed to meet up on Saturday and one thing led to another. We argued about our relationship and I told her I wasn't the right guy for her. However, at the same time I didn't wanna let go.. and I ended up kissing her. We went to my place and we agreed on trying again.

A few days later, my gf then texted me and said she had a weird feeling about us and that she agreed with the decision I had made earlier, because she wanted me to be happy. So, yesterday we both agreed to break up.

I don't know why, but I feel so lost right now.. I'm unsure of how I feel due to a few factors in my life. I've been hurt in the past and currently have problems in my family. What do I do?


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  • The obstacles that you are putting in the way of being with this girl sound like they don't need to be there. She's too good? You've been hurt? It's sad that you are pushing her away for these superficial reasons. This girl sounds like she wants to be there and cares about you, so let yourself do the same for her. you'll regret losing this woman if you let her walk away.


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