How do people feel about the Tinder app? Any success with it? How often do girls that use it actually swipe a guy?

I can never get just one match, am I the only one that is having trouble with this app? All my friends that have it get some matches every few days..


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  • I have been dating a guy on that app for three months now. Awesome. I would only go on for about 24 hrs and then delete because I didn't care for the conversations. It is good for flings...

    • Do you only swipe extremely hot guys? Cause I've swiped so many girls and never get a match? My profile pic is the same as the one for this site

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    • Why am I not your type? Why is it that cute girls that I like always say this? Is it my nose that's ugly?

    • lol you don't even know what I look like. But you look kind of punk/rockish in the photo. I like country guys. I like someone with a nice smile. That is what grabs me.

  • I haven't used it but I know it uses your Facebook profile and if I was doing online dating I'd for sure want more privacy than that.

  • I don't really know much about it. It doesn't sound interesting.


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