Dating possibilities when it's cold/snow?

I want to know what I can do in winter that doesn't include alcohol and isn't something at my home that could lead to you know.
I just want to get more outside with girls and get more comfortable around them.
(they seem to like me but I always feel shitty, most of the time I don't know why)

I want to go further and I can get my balls together and do a bold move but I can only think of ice skating right now and that is a bit lame for some.


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  • Go to a hockey game, go skiing, tubing, sledding, build a snow fort.

    • likely some girl would do that with me.. something more 'mature' they don't want to appear like little kids, I'm about to hit 18 aswell for your info.
      (I would build a girl out of snow but that won't be something to share with another one)

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    • If you don't have snow, but just cold, you can still do things. Just go on dates to restaurants/bars/museums/shopping centers/whatever.

    • I completely love sledding and tubing - I'll be 25 on the 20th.

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  • Ice skating is really fun! Especially if the girl can't do it. Leads to a really fun moment! You could have a snowball fight if it's snowing. You could get creative and learn how to make a rose out of fall leaves. It's cute and romantic. You could go on a walk - but bundled up of course! Have a small, supervised fire and make snores and talk near the fire! There's a bunch you can do, just get creative. Maybe a coffee shop.

    • thank you. I am loosing my romantical side the more I experienced with humans. I wished the barrier in my brain went away, well this is of topic.
      I'dd like to go swimming, I think that would be cool.

      I somehow tend to get physically involved with girls once I break the touch barrier, is that wierd? I just feel the urge to cause the girls I hang out with must be ones I am attracted to. why do I feel like a little boi right now

  • airboarding!


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  • Ice skating is fun man! I personally can't skate on ice so it would be embarrassing for me but I still would enjoy it as it's pretty fun and also I would be with the girl I like. So it's a win win.

    • exactly. man I also can't walk on that shit, keep falling all the time but well. the girl has to hold my hand hehe

    • Good luck bro :)

  • if you can endure cold then that's fine ith you LOL