What do you think of a woman who blend so well with guys but still she wants them to not forget that she's a woman. She cares a lot of her guyfriends?

but she's very competitive. She didn't aim to be superior, she respect guys and she new they are strong beings. Its like it's her way to get their respects. And she highly value respect and loyalty. Is she good enough to be with a guy for love?


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  • Well they probably won't forget sou are female if you have bigger boobs than them and more hair then a short haired guy. The other stuff were just buzzwords so I will not take that into consideration.

    • buzzwords... -_-

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    • Well, I'm glad to hear that. :) Thanks anyway.

    • The final point of my statement was though that just because you hang out with guys, they won't magically forget you are female. =)

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