Does she want me to wait for her to be ready for a relationship or is she letting me down easy?

So I told a girl I liked her because she confronted me about whether I did or not. I told her I did, but she told me that she doesn't like me or only likes me sometimes. Whatever that means. She likes me when she's not worried about her issues and ex who broke up with her 2 months ago. We are very very good friends so I told her I would just get over it for thr sake of our friendship, but she told me no and that it didn't mean she would not like me later in the future? She's just confusing me and left me in no man's land. We still hang out every day and we're still very close. I'm just confused on if she was letting me down easy or actually wants me to wait until she's ready.


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  • Pretty sure she 's telling you bye bye, with a clumsy attempt to soften the message