Was I right to break up over this?

He had this female friend since high school days. When he broke up with his first he started flirting with this friend and saying 'I love you' to her, she showed me the msgs because she was also my friend at the time but she said she wasn't interested in him. Then some time later they became really flirty and close but they said nothing was going on between them so then me and him started dating but in the 1st month of our relationship he secretly took her shopping because she wanted a new pair of jeans. He did not tell me I found out from another friend and when I confronted him he was so calm and said I was overreacting. I have hated that friend ever since and he said he had stopped talking to her but a year later I have just found out that he had been secretly in touch with her which includes all the flirty crap. So I've just given up and ended it


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  • Yes. You had the right to break up with him. He did not make you feel you are the one. instead he takes another girl doing stuff with her not telling you. That is not right. A guy should make you special not question what they are doing with her. That girl should have respected ur relationship and told him to back off but he didn't. Ou did the right thing. You deserve better. I would feel like crap if a guy did that. Ur strong. U did the right thing.

    • Yeah he always made me feel like crap... im trying to be strong though... and waiting for karma! Thanks for your opinion!

  • Hi Dear, No one can tell you whats wrong or right, but in my personal experience and opinion if you see him really regretted what he do, maybe you can give him another chance, but if this chance already pass, its okey, because people don't change, and if he really regretted he will never do it again, but if he don't really care and its only scared, you don't have any reason to hold on your shoulders the relationship. I been in both sides, I been hurt by someone that can't leave the pass and I fight for the relationship at the last point, eventually we break up after 4 years, and I'm the happiest person on the planet because I don't live been psico o with fear. I been on the other side two, I was in a relationship and attach to other guy, eventually I have to chose, and I chose the present, and I never spoke with the ex, and Im happy, but no everyone do that, i did that because of me, my new relationship... Its up to you, but value yourself

    • No he doesn't feel bad about it, in fact he said that whatever he did was right because he has free will to do whatever he likes. I doubt he would get far in life with that kind of attitude. Yes I do value myslef that is why he is gone. Thanks for sharing your opinion and best of luck with your new relationship! You did the right thing by choosing the present over the past :)

    • Thank you ! you're so right, better things are comming, they always do...