Help!!! Is this worng?

Ok im 18 turning 19 in three months I been talking to a guy for a month and he ask me out we have a lot of connection but he is 26with 3beautiful kids I have never meet him in person not yet we r going to... my mom think it is inappropriate is it... he thinks he a petafile... I know he not he a great guy and wants to be happy is this wrong my mom won't let him come here but she can't stop me from seeing my king and this wrong or is my parents wrong? Pleas help me... if u need more information just ask

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Well, he is age 26 with 3 kids, how many other women
    does he chat with online that he never tells you about?
    Your mom is slandering the guy calling him pedophile
    you know that's crime she is committing?
    A say take this slow to you get to know this guy
    also your mom shouldn't be so quick to judge
    karma's a bitch tell her i said so.

    • To be honest he dissent chat on online with other woman we don't even chat on line we text

Most Helpful Girl

  • I feel that you are Old enough, daisyjay, to make up your own Mature mind as to Who you want to date or even pick as a mate. And even if it isn't the Prince Charming mom and dad have in Mind for you, it's your life, your decision and they should learn to accept it, whether you make a mistake or not.
    Being you have not met him just yet and mom is being stubborn in having him for dinner, Meet up with him yourself First and if he brings the kids, then okay, All the merrier.
    To be fair to mom, it does take a very special person to take on someone else's baggage. A lot of time and effort, conquering Any obstacles that may come about, is only a few things on the list to Expect and Remembering That: His own will always be on his "List" of Priorities. She may be being too judgmental, but it all boils down to the fact of him most likely having this caboose on his end.
    And if things go wishing well like you are hoping they will, maybe in time, you can convince your parents to have him over To----Meet the parents.
    Good luck, God bless. xx

    • My mom doesn't want to I tried his parents want to meet me tho

    • Great, well, half the battle is won then... xx

    • Thanks for allowing me to lend a helping hand in being part of your family for a few minutes... Hope and pray all works out, sweetie.:)) xx

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What Guys Said 1

  • It's fine because YOU make YOUR choices.
    However, my opinion is that it will never work in the long-run... but that wasn't the question.
    It's up to you.


What Girls Said 3

  • Its fine. You are both adults.

    But still. He is older and has 3 kids. That is a pretty huge thing. Dating and finding time for each other is not that easy since he has also kids he wants to spend time with. Also work and other stuff. Is the mother involved? Are you ready to become a "mother figure"?

    • Yes I am

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    • Well yeah. You can always tey. Who knows, maybe everything will work out. But take it slowly. And never EVER have sex with him at times you could get caught by one of his kids.

    • Yhea that would be bad thank u lol

  • He has three kids. You are a young woman. If you end up falling for him, you will definitely be the one miserable. Not him.
    Wait, is he actually married? Does he have a wife?

    • The mother is not in the picture and he has custody of the kids

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    • Ok... so after three kids she ran and left him behind with the kids. How old are the kids? You say you've only been chatting to him in this month. Really, it's your life and it's all up to you in the end, but I think when parents have advice for you, it's good to at least listen to what they have to say. I mean, infatuation and all set aside for a moment. Your parents are the people who've been beside you for 18 years and more. You might think you know what's best for you, but trust me when I say when they are twice your age, they'll also have twice the experience. They have this insight to look beyond short term. If I were to give a bit of advice, even though you're head over heels with him, getting yourself entangled at the tender age of 18 with 3 kids is not easy at all. But I suppose it's not impossible. You could try to meet up and see how it goes. Just try to think a bit ahead for your own future as well. Good luck.

    • No he fought for custody and my dad's well to meet him my mom's not th a k u for Ur options

  • That's a bit of an age gap but ur 18 and it's not unusual for girls to go for older dudes. What I'm looking at though is the kids. That's a lot of baggage to take on at an age where u shouldn't be focusing on anyone's kids.

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