I'm really insecure and I need to change?

When it comes to girls and relationships I'm just so insecure. I have no problem becoming friends with girls, my two bestfriends that i hang out with are girls. But anyway, i feel like any girl that I get into a relationship with is too good for me, or I question why she would even want me or want to stay with me in the first place.

Talking to girls is absolutely NOT the problem, believe it or not I get approached by girls so that part isn't the problem. How can I be less insecure and more confident with myself? I always start to think, oh why would she chose me over that guy or something stupid like that. Or maybe she'll become attracted to someone else and leave me.

I honestly don't know what to do at this point.


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  • "i feel like any girl that I get into a relationship with is too good for me"

    self image. your self image is not strong. fix it. no one is too good for another one in the same level of intelligence and beauty. if you can be friends with a girl and your thoughts are similar as well as having compatible standards then there's no 'too good' here.

    "why she would even want me or want to stay with me in the first place."

    because she has needs as much as you have. the exact feeling that pushes you to approach her exists inside her but in a silent suppressed shape.

    and why should she choose you over that guy? why she shouldn't? ask this instead.

    you have a fear of rejection. that is your problem. there is always a chance that one does not prefer you. as you fear rejection and not being preferred, the moment that you want to approach, this thought takes over your mind. and get twisted to questions from questioning the situation to questioning your own attractiveness. do not question.
    know what you are and your advantages and also level. know that a single girl may be more needing than you are. approach and do not fear rejection. there are tones of women that may not prefer you and prefer others over than you. there are also many who may prefer you over others, depending on your attractiveness, health, and overall your type.

    • Thank you so much, I really needed this.

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  • Ok, you need to pin point what you don't like about yourself then make change. For example, if it is your body that you do not like improve areas that you find unattractive. This could also play a factor from your childhood. If you had lack of affection and attention you could possibly have a fear of rejection and abandonment. You have to have self pride in who you are. Think of the accomplishments you have done in your life so far and what you want for your future. There is nothing wrong with you, you just need a boost of self confidence. Understand that relationships are adventurous and you are worthy of anyones time. Figure out what bothers you the most about yourself and work on things!!:)

  • We're in the same boat... If you find out let me know


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