More than just friends? Taking it to the next level?

I have a guy friend of 8 years who, throughout our friendship, has always been my go-to on everything. He has been there for me as a cry over the phone because another guy broke my heart. He has always defended me or been protective of me when our guy friends were violating my comfort zone. We have never fought and only ever been encouraging and loving towards each other. About 4 years ago he asked me on a date and I declined. He always actively pursued our friendship and out of "protecting his feelings" I withdrew because I never wanted to hurt him. We fell away for a few years and recently have started talking again except this time, I have feelings for him. He wants to hang out one-on-one with me and when going through another "guy trouble" he told me how beautiful, intelligent, and inspiring I am and how any guy would be lucky to be graced by my presence. He always tells me that he appreciates me and that he's thankful for me. He and I have made plans for this weekend and the next already, but I am wondering... Does it sound like he has always wanted to be with me and possibly now? I trust him more than many so I know he would never do anything to harm me but I also don't want to get ahead of myself. Anyone have thoughts? Am I more to this guy? One of my hang ups right now is that he said he would text me the next day after saying goodnight which he didn't, and by the tradition of "the rules" if a guy is into you then he will follow through. Throughout our relationship whenever he took too long to get back to me or didn't follow through he would apologize and explain why but back then it never phased me so most of the time I didn't even notice.


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  • So he's been loyal to you for 8 years and oobviously loves you yet you won't date him but you will date a bunch of other guys then cry to him about them. Girls are so confusing, FUCKING DATE HIM!


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