Is calling that much better than texting?

so, I am in a sort of long distance relation ship with this girl, and I really like her, and she has told me the same. The problem is she is kind of reserved and thinks that it is the guys job to call the girl. She will text me, but if we want to talk, I have to call her. I think she wants me to call her, but it would probably break her "rule" if she straight up asked me to call her. So, basically I want to know if girls find talking for real a lot different/ better than texting and if I should try to call more instead of texting. PLEASE tell me what you think, I'm not sure about this one.


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  • Calling is much better. That way you can hear each other and what is being said. Sometimes when you send a text and you mean it one way the other person can take it a different way. Texting is fine sometimes, just not all the time. I know I love hearing my boyfriends voice. It makes me even more happy hearing his words then just reading them. It makes me feel like he means it more and that I can really tell how special he was actually trying to make things sound! Hope I helped and good luck! :)

  • Definitely call her. From a girl's perspective, no matter how superficial it seems, it tells her that you actually care about her enough to pick up the phone instead of taking the 'easy' or 'detatched' approach of texting. girls don't like to feel like they're waiting around all the time as you are checking your phone all the time for messages. it also feels more like your talking to the guy if its over the phone, And if you call her the first few times, chances are she'll start calling you as well.

    hope this helps x


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