Is it weird that the guy I am dating (over a week) is on a trip and he's hardly texting me?

I started dating this guy a little over a week ago. He's on a trip this week-weekend partially for business and also to see his aunt. He texted me yesterday when he got there, but I haven't heard from him since.

I'm pretty sure he actually likes me.. and doesn't just want me for sex, but I still can't quite tell? I know that is terrible. We haven't had sex, but I'm sure if I offered he'd do it. We aren't in a committed relationship or anything.

Anywho, is it weird that I haven't really heard from him? The first week we dated we texted every day all day. The second week he texted me occasionally throughout the day. This half of this second week he hasn't been texting much at all.

I get that he's busy, I'm not really upset. Just more concerned that he's lost interest or isn't busy... maybe it's too early to even be concerned? What do you think?

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  • Relax, don't rely on texting as your sole method of communication with this guy, later tonight at a appropriate time that you know he most likely isn't working give him a call and talk to him. They say distance makes the heart grow fonder I find that to be true, by texting everyday you kill what communication there would be once together. If you know everything that is going on while on his trip there wouldn't be anything of substance to talk about it in person.

    • Oh so true. We texted all week last week... him to me too! Snapchats AND texts. By the weekend, we had so little to discuss. It was such a bummer. Two days later after not talking we sure had a lot to say. I like that, distance makes the heart grow fonder. I'm hoping that by not texting him/bugging him... that that will happen. I probably won't call him. I know he's visiting w/ his aunt when he's not at work. I don't know what his hours are either right now.

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    • Give it time if he just got back. still too early to know what's what.

    • true. he is still texting me... ha. idk! I'll try to chill lol

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  • Hasn't been long enough, it's not a big deal, your likely over thinking it. He's probably busy with work and spending time with his aunt.

    • Yeah, okay. I'll chill haha. I think I really like this guy! I want to make a good impression haha. I don't want to under/over text him, but I also don't want to have to think about it too much. I'm glad the consensus so far is that I'm just being silly and that he hasn't lost all interest

What Girls Said 3

  • yo it's been a week! give the dude some time! don't be in such a rush! i'm sure it's fine

    • hahaha true true. I'm glad the consensus so far isn't that he's lost interest! Trying not to appear like a crazy future gf right now ha, you know what I mean?

    • yea for sure! just stop obsessing, one week is not nearly long enough to be worried about this kinda stuff. it can't be serious in only a week. you have to give it time to grow.

    • haha true! Nope, definitely not serious at all. He's just a nice guy... idk, I like him. I haven't had a crush like this in a long time!

  • U known him a week and met on tinder chill he's not your bf yet. An wow takes u a week to really like someone. I doubt your in his thoughts this early on and dont be naive

  • I think he's just busy but I would feel the same way. Just wait until he gets back and see how often he texts you then :)

    • Oh I haven't even texted him either haha. I want him to enjoy his time! Just don't want him to totally forget about me lol.

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    • Haha yeah right that would suck. Yeah its up to you I'd wait too, good idea :)

    • hahaha yeah. Okay, I'll hold off. I'm seriously not great at these things!