Guys, do you like giving girls multiple orgasms even when you can only get 1-2/night?

Do you like giving your girl multiple orgasms even when you can only get 1-2/night?

  • Yes! Pleasing her gives me pleasure.
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  • No, I wish I could do that.
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  • No, once I get it we're both done.
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  • Oh... hell... yeah!! When Im with a woman... pussy eating is a FIRST and a MUST for me... there will be no sticking unless I'm licking. Muffin munching is my favorite part of sex. Even after I have cum, I'll go down on her some more until her stuff is numb...

    • hahahaha wish you lived here!

    • As long as you don't mind getting tongue fucked... We'll get along just fine...

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  • Yes! For me, the greatest pleasure of sex is turn a woman into a screaming, gibbering, exhausted wreck. My own pleasure is irrelevant.

  • no i make sure to finish first then iam done #iam a selfish bastard

    • at least you know it!

  • Giving pleasure to a woman gives such satisfactory. Only a man can understand this. Just the fact we dont know exactly how it feels for the girl, yet its giving her shivers from the orgasms you're giving her is a pure win. Its beautiful im telling you. Besides, male orgasms are very intense but short lived. At the moment we may need to recover, but we know we'll want more later. Its pure heaven.

  • Most of the time now when I have sex, I don't care if I come. I'm in it to please, and that pleases me.

    • aw, that's nice! wow, I didn't know this would have such an overwhelming vote towards yes ha. That's great and really nice to know.

    • hear, hear!

    • Nice job men of the world!

  • Yes, although I can also do about 6 in one night so it works out well.

  • A.
    This is my drug


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