I am a good girl but attract liars and taken guys?

I am a reserved traditional girl. When I am out whether on a night out or just out in public. I seem to catch the attention of liars and guys who are already involved with someone.

My last bf lied our entire relationship. He has a son and I believe he is with his baby mom still. I found out today though we split nearly a year back. Also I get taken guys just wanting me for sex.

I've dated a guy who only wanted sex an told me in end he had a gf all along. Then my exbf also had a secret life. It makes me sick that I got close to teo guys who I knew nothing truthfully about. Glad I didn't sleep with them.

I was naive a year ago but I've grown so much since
Then but now I fear that I will get only users and men bored of their partners.

I just want a decent human being that has dignity and respect for others thats what I would give in return. My first bf was only genuine guy I've met that was two years ago. Should I givevup hope?


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  • Don't give up hope, you never know when you're gonna find that guy that completes you.
    I cannot tell you why you've been so unlucky in your past relationships, but from now on, wait more time before getting in a relationship with them, get to know them better.

    You'll eventually get what you want, but it takes time, you just need to keep searching until you find him.


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  • a night out -> club
    out in public -> depend on which type of guys you like, do you think every girl would be a sure date to them? if so you might be one of those girls.
    if you understood till now..

    you are looking for the guys who have the balls, better said are used to talk with girls take em out and have sexy time with them.
    the guys who know how to talk to girls and get attraction of most of them are most of the time the ones you mentioned (not every guy!).

    what you need to find is a guy that isn't the same as those who you get in your current meta.

    • Night out> bars and pubs I go. Hate clubs. now. Yeah not sure if other girls would. I do not look for guys at all

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    • seems like a weak reason to be together with them. you should at least find something more than overly nice and try to get in her pants, girls who only have that trait also are boring and I think won't be good for me as every girl can be like that, every guy aswell. you just have to try hard enough

    • Well I had things in common with them like music and studying so it wasn't based only that no

  • You are drawing them to you. Why don't you spend some time alone instead of shopping in the trash for the boys.

    The key is that what you think is creating exactly what you are receving.

  • "When I am out whether on a night " <----- What business a traditionl girl has with the night? :P

  • Meet decent men. Volunteer somewhere. Join a group that allows you to find someone that has common intrests. Respect yourself. You'll find somw one who is worth your time.

  • Sounds like your probably looking in all the wrong places if it's a reoccurring theme in your life

    • I never looked. They approached me

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    • Possibly that could work, but as the other guy said you could also spend more time with the guy to find out if he's not a bad guy. Perhaps friends could tell you of some single friend they have that they can vouch for

    • Yeah ok will try

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