How do guys treat a girl when they see her as just a short-term fling vs. as a lasting long-term relationship?

How do they act towards/treat each type differently


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  • Well, the long term will get to experience more of my personality and see more of my habits (bad and good I guess), but I'll be just as nice and understanding to the short term fling. Well at least in my book, a short fling is always better than watching chick flicks all alone in my room lol...


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  • They would place more emphasis on whatever it is that they wanted from the fling, rather than being sympathetic to her needs. I'm not saying that they would be an asshole but what's the point of doing it if they're not getting what they wanted in the first place.

    What they want depends though. They may just want company, just want sex, could me any number of things. But with the typical guy this would probably be sex.

  • I don't think I there is a difference.
    the only difference is when the girl acts like a dumb bitch I act like a douche dick (sometimes) to tell her she should get her shit together.


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