How come I can never get a girlfriend any tips on what could increase the chances and not end up in the friendzone?

just what the title says im just really lonely and been single for over a year but can i have some help


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  • I've been single for 2 years but I have still been having sex... and I just don't want to date. Its a choice thing. I am pretty sure you like a girl around you, work up courage and go up to her, talk to her and if that is going well, express the fact that you like her. See where it goes from there.
    (Oh, ur under 18... well.. forget the sex part :) )

    • yeah some people prefer to be single andsome dont and hahaha i dont think anyone follows the rules of concent anymore hahah

    • I dont prefer to be single, I can get a gf any day. I CHOOSE to be single. but I understand that you want one, so follow the tips I gave you above... and even if you get shot down, keep trying them (but with someone else) , you will get a girl in no time.

    • thankyyou and i will follow them

  • Join online dating. Just keep at it. Unless you wannna go queer, you have no other choice. Work blind, just do the footwork and keep asking. Don't quit before you start. Ask all gals that appeal to you. Improve your looks and what you can offer. Good luck!

    • thanks but i will justkeep looking nearby

    • for under 18 you are pretty smart... I like the fact that you turned that down. Its a one in a million shot with that but near you is better. I am impressed. @Asker

    • thankyou but i dont think these dating sites work since if youlike someone you know you should try and not be led into a relationship which could end disasterously and they could live ages away or have a chance with a lady who lives closer

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