Does she still like me or want to possibly date me again after two years of absence?

Okay, I' will try to summarize as best as possible. So this girl whom I used to date briefly (1month) has re-entered into my life again. (Or so it seems) We haven't spoken or seen each other in over 2.5 years - And although I've dated other girls since then, I still haven't stopped thinking about her. She has left an indelible impression on me and was/is still the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have nothing but great things to say about her and can go on and on. The reason her and I stopped dating the first time around was bc according to her, the timing was off bc she was just out of a long and complex relationship with her ex who had recently died in an accident. She told me that she had sparks for me and wanted me to be the one for her etc. But she couldn't open up to me like she wanted to then bc it was too soon and perhaps she needed time to 'heal'. I was heartbroken when things dissolved and always wondered what could've been? I moved out of state and started my life over again but before I did that, I wrote her a letter which I basically spilled my heart out to her. So fast forward to now - She sent me a message out of the blue on Facebook basically saying how she's thought of me a lot through the years and especially the letter I had wrote to her. She explained how she never had a guy express and show his feelings towards her the way that I did and she longed to hear those words again but could never find that. (Assuming from another) It must've resonated with her and she proceeded to say that it was like something you'd read from a love story or poem. Anyway, she thanked me for it and ended the message by saying, I quote, "Without even knowing, your words helped bring me back to a place I never thought I could return to." Her mom and my mom are also close and she admitted after how she's asked about me through the years too. So to finally conclude all this, my question is: Is it possible that she may want to pursue something with me again?


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  • Yesss!!! Let it happen :) seems like she wants to try to. Go for it. Whatever happen happens. I wish you luck. I'm not the best help but you should definitely try b

    • Thank you for your response! I was hoping to get a girls opinion on this and to be sure that I'm not just imagining things. :) I too hope that maybe just maybe this may work out.

    • I truly think she would love to try it with u. Of course there would be slowing down bc of her past. I'm not saying much bc from ur story I feel like you will be fine and you guys will work out. It's like a romantic book. Love it

    • Yeah I guess it does sound kind of like a romantic movie or story. lol Thanks again for your time and opinion on this. Take care.

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  • I agree with the girl below! Good luck!

  • Best love story ever!! You guys obviously have something so go for it. i agree wth the people below aswell.


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