Will a bad reputation cause me to struggle when it comes to dating?

Okay so i'm 17, male and I apologise deeply for sounding arrogant but apparently i'm good looking which is one thing that works in my favour. I'd like to think i'm quite nice too and will always try to help other people. I work hard too. The problem is a couple of years back, I didn't have my 'looks', I didn't work hard and I wasn't the most popular. I've also been struggling with mild depression the last year or so because i've been pushing myself too hard with work. Although people don't know this, they can sense somehting is up as I miss school now and then. A lot of people I know would probably give me a bad description to a girl I liked if I knew we had something going on. Basically would you give me a chance even if you heard I was a so called 'loser' before as well as other s***?


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  • If you are a good and genuine guy, chances are the girl worth your time would stick around.
    After all, if people are talking about you like that they clearly have nothing better with their lives than talking about someone else behind their back. You shouldn't take it too badly to heart, those people are clearly just nasty and comments from those types of people shouldn't concern you.
    They're just not worth it :)


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  • ... you are not a "loser" now... you worked hard to change that around. Now walk tall, spread your shoulders, flip those big mouths off, and approach anyone you want to. Confidence is key and you have earned yours.