Ex bf wants to talk. What could it mean?

So I decided to agree with my ex bf's decision to break up (even though I knew he was really confused and wasn't sure what to do). I told him I would leave his shirt in his mailbox, to which he replied that we could meet. This was yesterday. Today, he sent me a text, saying he wanted to talk about us again on Sunday and asked if I wanted too.

Is he trying to get back together or what.. ?


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  • trying to think about what's on his mind will destroy you, the best thing for you to do is meet up with him. And see what he wants to talk about, however you must do this: you must not have any expectations to what is going to be said and you must live in the moment of what is being said. What I mean by that is think about what he's saying and think about what you truly want to say, try not to let emotions get in the way. And be really honest. Relationships work best when people are very honest with the feelings towards each other


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  • He want to talk, simple as that. Getting back together is one option (albeit an unlikely one), but mostly he want to settle things and mak sure the breakup is as clean as possible.
    He simply want to answer the questions he would otherwise wonder about, let you et your questions answered, and generally settle things properly as you should when you break up.

  • You have been in a relationship together. You should be able to talk to each other and you should be able to ask him what he means but the best thing to do is to first reveal your own opinion on the matter.

    Do you want to get back together? if the answer is no, tell him.
    If the answer is yes, tell him.
    If the answer is maby one option is to talk to him. Tell him that you are unsure and see what you feel when you meet.
    Anothjer option is to tell him you need time to think and put the things in his mailbox and you don't have to met him yet, if ever~~~~~~~~~~


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