Ok is it bad if you love your best friend and she also loves you back but where both in diffrent realtionships?

What do i do im in love with my best friend and she's in love with me but where both seeing diffrent people. What do i do help.


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  • Unless one of you or both of you are married with kids, there should be no obstcle, if what you say is true, and you both mutually love eachother in the same way... you`ll end up together. If one of you refuses to give up the relationship you have with the other person, then that person is not really in love as you say..

    • I dont know i think i might talk with her tonight about it.

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  • Dammit I just love a good love story.
    Well first I do think you have to your current bf/Gf of any kind of love between you and your best friend just yet.. it will only complicate things further. .. u and your best friend needs to give this time. Be sure it's love first.. there's a lot ad factors that come into play here so as the man you have to be sure, cause a lot of people are involved

    • No believe me i am sure that i love her i love her more than my gf right now its just I don't know how to end the realtionship without looking or acting like i used her or anything like that than just go out with my best friend.

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    • Well yes she does drive me crazy in a good way and a sexual way. She makes me real happy when we talk or just hang out she makes me feel way better than im with my gf. She makes me feel. 1000x better I don't know but i really want to be with her should i just dump my gf for her or what.

    • Well if that's truly the case, then I'd say yes. I don't think that you & ur current gf have much of a relationship I think... let me ask you if you best friend wasn't in the picture would you be happy just with ur current gf?

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  • You make an agreement with your best friend that you will both tell your SO about this love interest at the same time. If the SO is okay with it then you start a polyamorous relationship. If the SO is not okay with it then you split up and be with the person you actually love. Follow your heart.

    • Ok ill try that. Thanks

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