Is it wrong that we're talking so much if he's dating someone?

I guess I'm just confused on "dating". I've only ever been in relationships. He's dating someone and says it's going good and they're kind of a girlfriend almost. Very open about being out there dating or having been dating.
We talk all day long, what's up? Is this just part of it or what? If we ever got together would he be chatting up other girls if we were serious? Or does he consider himself still on the market? I have no idea exactly what their arrangement is. I just know anyone I get involved with I need exclusivity. I can keep my feelings in check and have a platonic connection just fine but I do believe perhaps down the road something could come up for us. It's really due to distance.


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  • Well normally people will be dating around and then once they find someone that they can see themselves being in a relationship with, they'll stop looking for and seeing other people and then after they've been dating long enough, they'll make it an official relationship, which usually implies exclusivity. I know some people feel like they need to talk and make sure they're on the same page but in all of my relationships, we both knew what's going on.

    If you too are strictly platonic, I don't see why it would be wrong for him to talk to you so much. However, if you have feelings for him and he's about to be in a relationship, I don't think talking all day is very wise on your part.

    • Thank you, I'm a bit curious if us getting in touch sort of disrupted where he was? Because he's around all the time genuinely and is talking to me so much. He's not mentioned her ever since and it's been almost a month. It's been strictly friendly but still, I know that this is a lot of talking (5-8 exchanges through the day)
      I've let the convo die for now again. I mean I just have no idea, he is very open and honest and was clear from the beginning except still I don't know from dating! Thank you again

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    • I'm going to now that the convo has died, because when we started talking he told me of plans they had coming up so I will be asking him how it went

    • Cool, good luck :)

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  • Stay away it'd clear this guy doesn't do the exclusivity package.. if he does it to her he will do it to you. It's easy for him. The quicker you avoid making excuses to why you should stay to yourself the less harm of any feelings getting remotely stronger

    • That's exactly what I'm worried about too. Like I feel it almost doesn't matter because I definitely don't want this happening to me. I'm sort of teetering back to just thinking of no potential relationship in the future