If a girl play fights with you and dishs quick remarks does that mean she like you?

this girl i nmy theater class we hung out a few times but she doesn't talk to me unlessi talk to her but she talks to me sometimes she alrdy knows i like her. when we show up to class me and my friend he girl and her friend will greet my friend but will totally ghost me (friend says they at least she dosnt ignore me its just that we both dont know how to talk to each other). now my friend is convinced this girl likes me. me and her text sometimes but me and her bicker and playfight a lot kinda like the only time she ever talks to me, me and her are play fighting like she will get in my face and like challenge me. she dosnt do this to any other guy in there. the playful fights all started after i put her in a trash can on campus asa joke and ever since then she always play fights with me and always have quick dish remarks at me. she told my freiend she knows i like her and wants to stablize her she has like 3 jobs and is in college she's 20 and im 22 does she like me and just doesn't have the time casue i understand but sucks casue i like her haha


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