How do I give this guy the cold shoulder without looking like I care?

So this guy is an asshole. He just recently played me. I'm not sad about it, its his problem, but I'm still pissed as hell at him. Im at school, working on my homework, and just five minutes ago he comes in and stands behind me, trying to fucking flirt with me again as if he's done nothing wrong. I kept my eyes glued to the screen, because no matter how hard I try to stay calm, my face turns bright red when I see him. He was like, "Hey, how are you?" with that hey-im-so-amazing-why-dont-you-text-anymore tone of voice. I answered him as coldly as possible without looking up at him, and then he was like,"Ok, I'll leave you to do your homework" and then walks away. RRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!! I WANT TO SCREAM!!! How do I look like I really don't care? I really dont want to give him that satisfaction!! I hate when my blushing betrays me! Help!


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  • Text him telling him to fuck off then block his number using an app. Then tell him that you'll tell all your friends that he's a duchebag. He'll definitely leave you alone right after hearing that

    • Thanks :) I've already decided to ignore/delete all his texts. He tried texting me last night, but I just ignored him and walked away. If he decides to confront me, cool, if not, great, cause I suck at confrontations anyway

  • Just actually don't give a fuck. Its my fundamental philosophy

    • Yeah but I still can't control the blushing and if he sees it he'll know he still has that effect on me. I'm really trying but just the sight of him immediately pisses me off. Its irritating

    • Just remind your self that he's insignificant to you. The second I get turned down from a girl she disappears from my mind.

    • Thanks anyway though

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