Is it worth telling a guy you like him (a LOT, have been head over heels for about a year now) even if it's a guy you are best friends and live with?

This is someone I could seriously see spending the rest of my life with but i dont know how I could do/say something without making things awkward... what should I do? Poll but also please say how if you say it's worth it or explain answers...

  • totally worth it: tell him.
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  • worth it but dont tell him
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  • Yeah, you should express how you feel about him, even it Might be awkward it's still worth telling.

    • But what if that ruined our friendship... I still need a place to live and he's my best friend... something I seem to be lacking in these dastates

    • It might slightly be awkward but it's better to say it. If he doesn't feel right about it just say it's cool & if you 2 are just best friends still, if so then you'll be living together still, if not then just ask him if you could still since you got no where else to go at.

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  • Already living together at the moment of dating will become awkward in case you'd find out things didn't go as expected (they almost never do).


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