How to deal with insecurities in relationships?

I dont want to think this way, but I see girls as a threat to a relationship this guy & I could develop. I recently met him and I like him. He is good looking, that's for sure, and as much as i know it's wrong, I can't help but always feel insecure inside and think what if's, like some girl is trying to get him or might have already did and I just dont know. I dont express these obviously out to him but I always feel it a bit inside

I just hate it, if something like that was to happen, because I would never go after a girl's guy


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  • That's normal with everyone. Just spend more time with him alone. Once he gets to know you and if he likes you, he won't even think about the other girls. So go hang out with him :)


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  • Don't worry, these feelings are pretty standard. They'll likely go away as you get closer to him; if you become BF/GF exclusively, remember that he's choosing to be with you and no one else. I'm still struggling with insecurities after being in a relationship for a while, and although it's not fun, whenever I feel like he might be checking out/flirting with other girls or crushing on celebrities I just remind myself that my BF respects me enough to not do those things. Hopefully this guy respects and likes you enough to consider you as a possible GF, meaning you would be the only girl on his radar right now. :)