I am starting to date a guy who has sleepovers with his female friends. Is this a bad sign?

I have only been dating him for a few weeks. Sometimes he sleeps over with his friends - some are guys and some are girls. It makes me feel a bit uncomfortable about pursuing a relationship with him. Should this make me uneasy?


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  • If you want more than sex then most definitely. If you can keep your feelings in check then your fine.

    • He isn't sleeping around with him, he is a Christian and is saving himself for marriage. But it just feels too intimate, to me. And I want a serious relationship.

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    • " But it just feels too intimate, to me. And I want a serious relationship." -

      You see. Was that so hard? Now tell him exactly what you just wrote. You have every right to feel that way girl. I would too. Just make sure it comes from the heart. If he is really into you, the sleepovers will cease immediately.

    • Ok, thank you for your help :)

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  • I wish I could have sleep-overs with my female friends. :(
    I wouldn't dare try because my dad's kind of an annoying asshole. If he ever heard I've had a girlfriend already he wouldn't shut the fuck up about it until I was 30...

    My point is, I would do it with my close friends, not the random girl everybody says is hot or whatever. I'd do it as a fun thing.

  • He's not saving himself for marriage if he has members of the opposite sex stay overnight after parties. And yes, they're parties with alcohol, not sleepovers. Unless he's 10.

    • They're not parties with alcohol, he's an introvert and he is actually intolerant to alcohol.

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