Tips on how I can be confident with women especially when im an ugly guy?

Tips on how i can be confident with women especially when im an ugly guy?


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  • Practice, talk to girls everyday. Just say hi, how are you? They don't have to be attractive girls, gradually work your way up.
    Be funny, make them smile, make them feel good about themselves, make them feel understood by paraphrasing what they told you and make it into a question to keep her talking. Actually get to know her likes and how they make her feel and use them to trigger pleasant memories by combining them to you somehow.

    • They just want good looking guys to approach them

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    • Well, unfortunately you were dealt a less than optimal hand. You can try to make the best of it, or throw the game.

    • What hand was i dealt?

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  • Tell them you have a huge horse cock they won't care what you look like lol Ron Jeremy is ugly as fuck and his cause of death will probably be drowning in pussy. Work out at the gym I feel amazing when i'm there I don't feel confident anywhere else there is something about running 7 miles an hour and lifting heavy in expensive clothes I guess girls just be looking the whole time.

    • Above all else you need to be "Confident" not good looking whether you tell yourself your cock is bigger than those others guys, you have more money, a bigger heart, more loyal whatever it is or many things and just think i'm worth it i'm a great guy they'll like me how can they not. Then go up to them and say something its better than nothing. You can always just walk away from them if it goes to shit. If you drink and then do it you could say oh sorry I was drunk

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