Do You Think He Likes Me?

So, I really like this guy. He is super attractive (probably out of my league) and he is hilarous. He's really nice to me. He's really shy but when I drop something he's always there to pick it up, and when I think I say I look gross he's always there to compliment me. But, he's also kinda hard to read because he's very shy. Another cute thing he does is that I really love canoe trippin and being outside, so he always tells me about all these facts about camping he obvously found online, because he's never been on a camping trip, let along a canoe trip.

Their's this girl in my class who everyone thinks is gonna end up with him. She Italian like he is (while I am not Italian) but her family is a lot more traditional than his, and she is really pretty. She has regular brown hair and brown eyes but she has giant boob and a giant butt and hips, but she doesn't shave so she's quite... erm... hairy. She obviously is obsessed with him, but he doesn't seem to have any interest in her. He never talks to her, and he almost seems to ignore her sometimes, but he is shy.

Sorry this was so long, but please tell me, do you think he likes me? Do you think it'll work out?


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  • Highschool guys are always hard to read. When you are in HS, all you do is jump around dating people, you don't even wanna date. But think it's the cool thing to do most the time. You pretty called this girl on the prettiest in the school. So if him/her were gonna happen it woulda already. He doesn't seem like the type & him being able to compliment you being a HS kid, makes me think he likes you. Normally don't go out of your way in HS to compliment someone.

    So i'd say he likes ya, though he probably isn't as shy as you think he is. Just doesn't know how to go about asking ya out. These days cultures & stuff don't really mean to much to people. But if he does end up dating her, don't let it get ya down. You seem to be a cool chick to hang around, from how ya sound like ya carry your self & what you're into. Guys do foolish things in HS, date the wrong girls for the wrong reasons… Just comes with being young & foolish.

  • It sounds to me like this guy may not be fully aware of how attractive he may seem to others, and therefore may feel like you are out of his league hence why he hasn't asked you out. He clearly likes you otherwise he wouldn't put the level of effort he has into your friendship ( the camping facts). He sounds more like the sort of guy that is interested in personality and how nice you are and easy you are to spend time with rather than the sort that is only interested in big boobs and a big ass. The advice I would give to you is make some pretty obvious hints as guys don't cope with subtlty and then see how it progresses. If that doesn't work and he still hasn't made a move then make one yourself. As a guy I can say how much easier our lives would be if girls could just say how they feel. What's the worst that can happen? They don't feel the same and you morn for a while, feel abit foolish and then move on. Your only young once so enjoy it and don't waste time lusting over someone without doing anything about it. Hope that helps you.


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