The guy who likes me is probably too young - what do you think I should do next?

A guy who is 24 asked me out thinking I was only 26-27. I'm actually 31. We had a good time and have a lot of common interests, but in my heart I know a guy that age wouldn't likely be a long term match for someone my age. He's young, funny and cute - it sounds like too much to bank on.

Should I end it before it begins? He seems sweet and excited (at the moment). How do I do this while still letting him know he's awesome?

Should I keep dating him casually? Sweet or not, he is a young guy and sure his interest will wane.

If we do continue dating, do you think one of us would mistakenly get attached?


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  • I went through your description, and have only one thing to say - Age is just a number.

    If you feel you're compatible with him and age is the only deterrent, then don't let it go. Age is never as big an 'issue' as most people make it out to be.

    • Guys mostly prefer younger girls, though. It's just hard to compete with someone 10 years younger who is in his range.

      I'm afraid to truly emotionally invest in a guy that age when many women my age are dating guys in their 40s, whether they really like to or not. Its the safer bet to go with what guys prefer!

    • You don't have to believe that you're 'competing'. just treat it like a normal, romantic relationship between a man and a woman.

      You don't have to be afraid at all. When properly invested, human emotional attachment is much greater than trivial issues like age.

    • general preference does not go for all of us.

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  • story of my life... I was the 24 year old and she was 30 (turned 31 soon).. we dated messed around, even had sex on a few occasions but she kept feeding me the same blather that you are saying now. "you are sweet, nice , a gentleman... blah blah blah... but I don't see us being long term"
    after talking to about why I eventually deduced that she wouldn't commit to me because I was younger... what a load of crap. its just a number
    --also she was comparing herself to other people her age and where they were now and what they will say if she dated a younger guy.
    --bottomline, I got irritated, convinced myself not to see it going any where.. I don't want that kind of negativity in an LTR anyway.
    wanna know where we are now?

    • I don't care about others. I'm just afraid of getting too invested or hurting him somehow. So where are you now?

    • you aren't going to hurt him... ur fear of getting invested will tho. I know it hurt me..
      as for status... we are just friends now.. but I am not as close to her as I used to be.. I feel like I was disrespected... ignored.. like my feelings for her didn't count. So if you want him to feel that way too... go ahead and don't "get too invested"

  • its weird if it were a guy trying to date a younger women or actually dating her , that wouldn't be a very significant age gap , almost a normal age gap for such a couple. that being said its more uncommon for women to date younger men as usually they want older guys with like jobs and money and more experience with dating. but anyways I don't think its that signicant an age gap to be dating him but it could become an issue later on as you might reach a point where you want very different things , like you might want to get married and he might want to go to a concert on the weekend as an example

    • I've never cared about older or younger, but I usually stay within 5 years, which seems like the same age. I know that I'm afraid of going against men's preferences for sure, though. I feel that way dating a guy who is 2 years older!

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