Cuddling with I girl I really like?

I really like this girl and she likes me but we don't want to get into a relationship yet because we want ours to last a long time. So to see how things go she's coming over my house and we are going to watch a movie and we are both excited so we can cuddle, except I'm afraid that she might fall asleep on me and my parents will come down stairs and see us, and if we are cuddling wouldn't that be a good time to kiss, but how do I know she even wants too? And how do you ever cuddle, I have a reclining sofa should I put up the leg rest it would be like we are laying in a bed, and if she falls asleep should i just fall asleep too, or how would I wake her up?


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  • I think that you are thinking about this too much. The best way to approach this relationship is to let nature take its course. If it feels right and comfortable to kiss her, than do. The whole idea is to not over think or force the relationship, but to let it happen naturally. Good luck on your date, and have a good time!

  • Well you're making a big deal out of a movie date night. Just do what is natural, don't over think it.


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