Does he really like me or is it just Kiss. Laugh. Love?

Me and my boyfriend have just recently gotten into a relationship. But never has he made the move to touch me or say I love you yet. Im used to just saying I love you to a boy quickly cause I feel likes mandatory I dont mind that he has'nt said it but does this mean he doesn't like me. Should I worry that he doesn't love me or just past it as he needs time. He also askes me if I want him to stay. Should I just say yes like I want to even when I know he has something to do. And one time when I was walking him somewhere he had kissed me for a while then left. After two minutes he had ran back to kiss me. I really like him and I am trying to go at my own pace as well as his. One time I love you just slipped out and I freaked thinking that he would freak but he didn't he just kissed me. Also my sister had told me that he said that I love you is a strong word but he has liked me for a long time but doesn't know if he loves me. I'm afraid he just told her this because she's my sister and he may not exactly tell her the truth. When we where walking from school there was the cutest dog ever and I went to pet it and it barked and I stood there and he scremed and ran (lol) but stopped when he didn't see me and pulled me away. I was just wodering does he really like me or is he just using me, all we do is kiss, laugh, then kiss again.


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  • It doesn't matter if he say i love you or not and its bad to say it too soon.

    He does like you.